Jeff Leatham

Jeff Leatham in roses

The sumptuous floral bouquets of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, designed by Jeff Leatham, are an indissociable part of the hotel’s decoration and atmosphere. Assisted by a team of seven, Jeff Leatham creates a new theme each week, refreshes and tweaks the floral sculptures every day, and sometimes, every hour. Impressive and omnipresent, Jeff Leatham’s floral compositions give a contemporary touch to the traditional decor of the Hotel. Every week approximately 13,000 flowers are flown in from Holland. Jeff Leatham uses them to create ten main compositions for the entrance hall and public spaces. One hundred and fifty smaller bouquets decorate the tables, pier tables and escritoires in the Hotel. Floral arrangements are individually created for each room and suite, and a single flower or leaf adds a bit of colour in the marble bathrooms each room has.

Jeff Leatham’s creations, which can include majestic bouquets of lilies in monumental vases or beds of roses floating in cubes of coloured glass, are all very modern and their carefully styled shapes highlight the Hotel’s furniture and colours. The floral arrangements that are located in the lobby and which lead to the Le Cinq Restaurant, echo the warm shades found in the 17th century Flemish tapestries on the walls; the whites, creams and dark colours which are often present contrast with the arrangements. For private dinner parties, tables are sublimated by floral arrangements where the sheer beauty of the flowers harmoniously blends in with the candle lit atmosphere.

Jeff Leatham, who was born in Odgen, Utah, in the United States, says he was inspired by his father, a landscape artist. Without any formal education, he started his professional life as a mannequin for three years before turning to the love of his life: flowers. Without a doubt the world of fashion had a big influence upon his style and his current creations.

His talent is internationally recognised and he regularly takes part in prestigious international events which notably includes his participation at the famous reopening party of the MOMA Museum in New York. He starred in an American television series entitled “Flowers Uncut” broadcast on Discovery Channel and was also invited to speak on Oprah Winfrey’s famous talk-show.