Chef Christian Le Squer & Brigade, Le Cinq BDBoth in the grandiose and luxurious dining room and in the kitchen, the teams at Le Cinq use all their talent to make sure every meal is an unforgettable occasion. In the dining room, the smooth operations of the waiting staff begin well before service, under the demanding eye of Eric Beaumard, Restaurant Director. Carefully ironed, starched tablecloths, precisely arranged silverware, fine porcelain crockery, and immaculately placed glasses… The art of French dining in all its magic is faithfully reproduced here. Everyone moves into action without rushing, aware of the part they play and happy to provide such an excellent service. A few minutes before service starts, the team is briefed about the guests and where they will sit. Roles are defined and important points detailed. A chance to have one last look at the menu and remind themselves how to explain Christian Le Squer’s latest creations.

The same attention to detail is paid in the kitchen, where around 100 people work hard every day, giving their very best to produce some exceptional dishes. From a simple dishwasher to the Assistant Chef, they all contribute to the excellence of Le Cinq. Focused and attentive, the commis chefs prepare the vegetables, meat and fish to be cooked by the Section Chefs. Maxime Frédéric, the pastry chef, and his assistants put the final touches to the delicate compositions that will be served at the climax of the meal.

Whatever their position, all the members of the crew are focused and attentive, aware of their duty to give their very best to meet the standards of the Chef Christian Le Squer. With experience in some of the finest restaurants and winner of a prestigious Meilleur ouvrier de France award, his high standards and attention to detail are what make Le Cinq such an exceptional restaurant, led by his talent and imagination. Like an orchestral conductor, nothing escapes his attention. As he moves through the kitchens, he will pay a compliment here, or make a criticism there. His sole objective is excellence.

Service can begin. Once they have been welcomed by the charming hostess, the first guests sit down. The service is refined and elegant, yet warm and friendly. Eric Beaumard knows how to anticipate his guests’ wishes, backed up by a very efficient team led by Charles Divay. At the end of the meal, Christian Le Squer greets the guests, who have all been enchanted by the experience of a gourmet meal in a sophisticated, magical setting. The perfect expression of French luxury, as designed by the Four Seasons Hotel George V.