The Restaurant “Le Cinq” environment

At the end of the Gallery on your left, two wrought iron doors open onto the Le Cinq Restaurant.

Spacious and bright, decorated in shades of gold and grey, it gives its guests the sentiment of dining in a private chateau. Boasting traditional French and English furniture, guests can admire two beautiful Louis XIVth wardrobes as well as two Louis XVIth gold gilt chairs. Large Regency Style wood-scuplted mirrors with gold leafing give a depth to this space by reflecting the view of the Marble Courtyard on the opposite side.

Two very large Regency Style pier tables separate the main room from the guest table that seats between eight to ten. From this room, bathed in sunlight as well as rich but soft tones emerges a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Christian Le Squer
A Michelin starred Chef

With 12 consecutive years heralded by three Michelin stars, Christian Le Squer has given proof of exemplary regularity. He is a determined and serene Chef who defines himself as a creator of flavors and composer of tastes. Like a couturier or a perfumer, he shapes and assembles products in order to enhance them and obtain the most exacting flavors with perfect coherence.

Sommelier Eric Beaumard

Eric Beaumard
An exceptional Sommelier

Eric Beaumard, the Le Cinq General Manager and Vice-Champion of the World in the 1998 Wine Stewardship Contest, likes to share his passion for fine wines and is always ready to share his tips on the best vintage to highlight a dish. Thanks to his talent and knowledge of vineyards all over the world, his wine cellar holds over 50,000 bottles.

picture of a table

Table prestige

Philippe Deshoulières created our Restaurant’s tableware which features a white presentation plate with a wide taupe grey and gold border as well as featuring smaller plates in the same colours, with the famous cameo that is seen in the Restaurant.

Creative Chefs

Christian Squer defines his cuisine as being “flavors, concentrated and moving.” Among the signature dishes of the chef that may be mentioned: the turbot with truffled fingerling potato emulsion, large crispy prawns from Bretagne and  citrus emulsion or whipped oysters.

An ephemeral menu

The menu changes according to the season and offers different options to please the most discerning palate: The “Epicurean Escape” menu is priced at €310.00 for dinner (9 courses), and the “Seasonal Escape” menu is priced at €145.00 (4 courses) or €210.00 (6 courses) for lunch.

An impeccable service

Our service, which has established the reputation of Four Seasons hotels across the world, is provided in the restaurant as well as the hotel by attentive and enthusiastic staff whose only wish is to make sure each and every guest has an exceptional experience.