The restaurant “Le Cinq” Wine cellar

The Four Seasons Hotel George V wine cellar is one of the hotel’s greatest treasures and rightly so, the entire Le Cinq team is very proud of it.

Its history bears witness to years gone by and even takes us back to World War II.

It was designed in 1928 at the same time as the Hotel was being built, in a former quarry 14 metres below ground in rocks that had formerly been used to build the Arc de Triomphe.

During the Second World War, it was walled up to prevent enemies from accessing it. When the hotel closed its doors for two years of renovation work in 1997, there was almost nothing left of its vintage wines.

The Hotel called in a famous sommelier, Eric Beaumard, who was the 1998 Vice-President of the World in Wine Stewardship. Passionate about his job, Eric made several trips to different vineyards in order to meet local wine producers. His vast knowledge of this job, as well as the friendships that he developed with the grape growers over the years while preparing for the Wine Stewardship contest in 1998, helped him discover the bests wines.

Some of the grape growers actually choose to bring their personal bottles from their wine cellars so that their old friend can present them in this mythical hotel.

For nearly a year, going from wine cellar to wine cellar, Eric progressively replenishes the hotel’s wine cellar so that he can continue to offer many different and rare vintages to his clients.

Bottles of wines

50 000

Today, with nearly 50,000 bottles, the wine cellar is full of true vintage treasures. About 2,800 French and international wines are stored here in ideal conditions of temperature and moisture content rates.

picture of the cellar

Vintages from
the entire world

Stored according to region, when touring the wine cellar, you feel as if you were taking a whirlwind tour of the most beautiful regions on earth: Italy, California, Argentina, South Africa, Hungary, Chile and of course, France, with its prestigious Bordeaux and Burgundy wines as well as lesser known treasures from the Rhone Valley and Languedoc Roussillon regions as well as wines from the New World.

Photo de la cave du restaurant Le Cinq, plusieurs bouteilles de vin mises en scène avec des bougies lors d'un événement


If you’re wondering which bottle is the oldest, all you have to do is have a look at the bottle of Madeira wine from 1795 proudly displayed when entering the wine cellar.

Photo de la cave du restaurant Le Cinq, plusieurs bouteilles de Petrus


The most expensive bottle on the Wine List is a magnum of Pétrus from 1959, closely guarded in a safe place!