Christian Le Squer: the secrets of his success


« My cooking is like a Chanel suit
worn over a pair of jeans. »

To the reins and the origin of an undeniable success of the restaurant Le Cinq since 2014, Chief Christian Le Squer confides on the secrets of his success:

“I grew up in Brittany where I discovered the French cuisine through preparing fresh fish and vegetables from the garden. Where I was born, in Ria d’Etel, we lived between land and sea. Every fishing family cultivated their garden.

My father was a carpenter. I inherited from him the art of sublimating the simplest materials. From this, a vocation was born. 

My gastronomic vocation led me to Paris. I quickly fell in love with the Parisian cuisine. The “grande cuisine”.

I dedicated my “Signature Dishes” to Paris: Lightly Smoked Black Rice with a rich creamy Black Pudding and Passion Fruit juice, or Onion Gratin à la Parisienne. I always say that a Signature Dish is the one that will continue to be in demand, even when it is no longer on the menu. These dishes follow me everywhere I go, like friends. They are part of my life.

An unexpected pleasure for me, a kid from Brittany, was seeing my work rewarded with 3 Michelin stars for 12 consecutive years.

In 2014, I embarked on a new challenge by joining the kitchens of Le Cinq restaurant, in the heart of the most prestigious Parisian palace, the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. I had one goal: win the third star once more.

We did it, my team and I, in 2016, after winning 5 Gault & Millau Toques and being ranked among the “4 best restaurants in Paris” in the Lebey Guide.

The challenge was demanding. We prepare about 300 meals per sitting. Each dish must be perfect. Our day starts at 7am with the delivery of fresh produce and the careful preparation of the meal. Then, at lunchtime, the starter gun is fired : intense concentration, perfect mastery of gestures and timing, pinpoint detail… This is our daily craft.

Finally, we spend several hours a day on Research and Development. With my right arms, Romain Mauduit and Alan Taudon, we often finish in the middle of the night after preparing a dish which can be discovered from the following midday. My menu changes every day, you see.”