Eric Beaumard

Born in the French region of Brittany, Eric Beaumard began learning to cook in 1978. After a long apprenticeship warranted by his extraordinary motivation, he began working as an assistant cook in several restaurants until 1981. Tables turned though for him in 1982. A motorbike accident delayed the start of his career by depriving him of the use of his right arm. In 1984, after several months of recovery, Eric Beaumard was once again able to work in the Maisons de Bricourt Restaurant in Cancale. He worked as a Chef for six months and then, following Olivier Roellinger’s advice, he turned towards wine and the position of a wine steward or sommelier. A new passion was born as well as a new talent.

Between 1984 and 1987, he worked in different restaurants as a sommelier continuing to study the Art of Wine with intensity and passion while taking first prize in all sommelier contests that he entered:

1987 Best Young Sommelier in France. This award allowed him to begin working in the two-star La Poularde Restaurant in Montrond les Bains in the French Loire River region.

1992 Best Sommelier in France

1994 Best Sommelier in Europe with the Ruinart Trophy

1998 Vice-Champion of the world in the Best Sommelier in the World contest

2003 Elected “Sommelier of the Year” by the “Le Chef” magazine

2018 Decorated with the award of “Chevalier de la légion d’honneur”

At the age of 37, Eric Beaumard moved and made a career change when he began working at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, as the Restaurant Manager. Today he manages a staff of 48.

Eric Beaumard’s passion for authenticity, diversity and wealth in the world’s most famous vineyards explains his selection of favourite wines. Just like grape growers who use their talent to produce fine wine, Eric Beaumard uses his to sublimate dishes served at Le Cinq.